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domingo, 1 de julio de 2012

Spanish tax amnesty fails: government new miscalculation.

Neither big business nor the wealthy are taking in the tax amnesty decreed by the Government earlier this year with a focus precisely on these two sectors of the tax rolls. This is the paradox that illustrate the filtered data this week Cadena SER, according to which only 115 have submitted applications for regularization of money defrauded the Treasury during the first 15 days of validity of the pardon, and none of them before the General Large Taxpayers.
Background to the Tax Amnesty
  The measure was originally proposed as an investigation prove that spanish familiar Botin clan, Santander Bank's owners, had been defrauding thousands of euros in accounts just in Switzerland. As the offense was flagrant, was proposed that if some of the money returned  the crime would forget. Case Filed: Green light to tax amnesty.
  The government, aware that tax evasion is like a third of state revenue, porpuse the measure to remedy the situation without having to suffer the consequences of its acts: fines and penalties. They wanted to stretch the "Botín Amnesty" model to the rest of fortunes. In its claim government wanted to extort by economic pressure on the oligarchs, who are the same politicians and businessmen in govern, to declare hidden assets and capital in exchange for not being prosecuted as common thieves. Tax amnesty was proposed. Another goal was to raise about € 9 billion to bail out banks to inject liquidity to keep on defrauding.

Causes of failure
   For some businesses are empty, undercapitalized, depleted. Maybe in 2008 would have achieved some results, but not at this stage of the game. Capital have left the country disappointed. They are safe in tax havens or Germany.
   To follow the ministry has cut budget and eliminated large fortunes inspections departments, so the fraudster feel safer.
   Finally there are large uncertainties on the implementation of the amnesty and its implications: despite being anonymous statement there are risks of leakage, and it is feasible to create a blacklist of fraudsters (in othe hand people know by everybody).
  The oligarchs, politicians and businessmen, do not need pardons because they are the ones who decide who goes and who does not go to jail, thing of poors.

  This is yet another miscalculation by the government. It's funny that people with so much ego and condescending even keep them from committing these blunders that leave their credibility at the level of the pokemon. They fail and fail and yet show their faces as if they did a good job. This attitude shows what is called ventriloquist complex : Montoro Economic Minister put plaster face while "someone" manipulates the puppet: Santander Bank, Bankia, Caixabank etc ... The financial conspiracy.
  In private enterprise you go to the doll for less, we have seen people cry becouse of forget to mourn a date. In contrast, in public, as we see, you renew for four years.
  The government wanted liquidity for all costs and obtained a delicious diarrhea.
  Inept breed.

Death to the state, long live anarchy!

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