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jueves, 12 de julio de 2012

Spanish public employees lose 20% of its purchasing power in less than a year.

Crisis for public employee in numbers:
  To the elimination of christmas extra pay this year, up 7% of public employee purchasing power on average, which the state is looking to save some 4billions €, its add the increase of 3% VAT gives us the beautiful figure of 10% total loss of purchasing capacity who suddenly suffer today July 12.
  If is also add the 10% loss of purchasing power resulting from a wage freeze for 2011 of 5%, 2% of the CPI, 2% income tax, and no had to add the increase from 35 to 37.5 hours per week from the last year 2011, the accumulated loss is an amazing 20% ​​in 2012, in just one year!
Poor spanish public servants, literally.

- Politics: Spain has lost any semblance of selfcontrol over its economy, leaving the country participated at the mercy of banks and European interests.
  The cuts do not affect the state causes of its "morbid obesity": political office duplication and the payment of monumental building and constructions debts . Corruption and brick.
  Cuts affect the functionality of the state itself. The steps, according to the elimination of civil service jobs, will produce slow-down, overload and collapse of some services. As an example justice, with an average wait of 4 years for a trial, or Health service, where the targeted maximum wait for operations shall be 1 month has gone far beyond, and many visits to a specialist take over a year. The state will suffer.
- Economics: As underlying problem are not resolvend they will increase, and will need of further actions like these to be remedied. Cuts, privatizations and labor reform.
- Socials: Years of numbness and complacency with "the boss" made socially lazy officials and even reactionary. Now that they see the consequence of their alienation begin mobilization. The first reactions in the form of work stoppages and strikes by officials have not been long in coming. Today they have  expressed their complais in Congress. Nothing that can not be solved with more police.

  The state is sabotaging himself. Logical, serves banking, and they are only interested in themselves. Deterioration gives the 2013 date as the key for an end to unemployment benefits, increased cost of funding in international markets and various loan maturities. If Spain falls euro so. Peseta, corralito, banking saves freeze, restabling borders and badge devaluation. Then the loos of work rights and salary cuts will seem even benign.
  The state is a giant with feet of clay, and in it shaky wandering threatens to destroy everything. Somehow we must give the lace. The weakness of the state is an opportunity for alternatives. The main thing is to have a solid project and avoid the police repression and the threat of the army.
Self-managed unions and cooperatives and no-NGOs groups are already at work. They need us, we need them.
Organize and fight!

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