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martes, 18 de octubre de 2011

Translation: Tokyo citizens found 20 radiactive areas in city.

Translation from:
Abitanti di Tokyo trovano 20 aree radioattive in citta'
Gruppo nato su facebook rileva cesio come aree vicino Cernobyl

Tokyo citizens found 20 radiactive areas in city.Group born in facebook reveals areas with radiactive Caesium like in Chernobyl.
  Since the Government and local offices held that there was no radiation danger because Tokyo was "too far from the catastrophe of Fukushima", some citizens of the city have agreed to make their own mesures of radiation levels in some areas of this city. They found that there were "more than 20 areas inside and outside the capital with radiactive cesium levels equal to those found in areas near Chernobyl".
   Do not convinced of the official sources, the people of Tokyo have purchased dosimeters and, thanks to facebook, they have found the group, "Project for the radiation protection", that has grown rapidly. With advice from the Isotopes Research Institute of Yokohama, soil samples has been  collected near the homes tested. Some results were shocking.
In the samples collected in bushes near a baseball field where children trained, was detected 138mili becquerels per square meter of Caesium 137, which can "damage cells and increase the risk of cancer. In 132 areas examined, 22 had more than 37 milli becquerel per square meter, the same level as the Chernobyl contaminated areas, the most contaminated zone had over 1.5 million becquerels per square meter.

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