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martes, 31 de enero de 2012

Pope accused of corruption by his ambassador in USA. Translation

Just another acusation

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, current ambassador of Vatican state in the United States (USA) and former secretary general of the Governorate of Vatican City on Wednesday denounced Pope Benedict XVI for "corruption and mismanagement" in the administration of the religious institution.

The report was published in the Italian press Corriere della Sera and Libero Quotidiano who broadcast excerpts from a letter written by Viganò in which he expressed regret about "the corruption and privileges" that he had seen since taking the post of general secretary Governorate in July 2009.

"I never would have thought to stand before this disastrous situation," which despite being "unimaginable was known throughout the Curia," expresed the preacher in his letter.

Specifically, the Archbishop claimed that in Vatican "always work the same companies," with duplicate payments market prizes and also added that "there is no transparency whatsoever in the management of contracts for construction and engineering."

He also alleged that the Fabric of St. Peter, who runs the Vatican building maintenance, presented "an astronomical account" of 550 000 €, $ 715,000, for the construction of the traditional living Nativity Scene to be placed in San Pedro Square in 2009.

Viganó helds that the bankers who make up the so-called "Committee of Finance and Management" have more care about their own interests "tham ours interest" (Vaticano interes) and that in December 2009 in a financial transaction "burned (lost) $ 2.5 million ".

With this evidences, Viganò ended by saying that during his tenure that the Vatican was able to pass from 8.5 million € of debt in 2009 to a profit of 34.4 million in 2010.

However, the Archbishop stated that its policy of rigor made many enemies and was because of this that he  was removed from the Governorate and sent as Nuncio (ambassador) to U.S., a position seen as a punishment for the prelate.

"My transfer (to the U.S.) will serve to discourage those who believed it would be possible to clean up numerous cases of corruption and embezzlement in the management of different directions" in Vatican said.

According to the newspaper Corriere della Sera, Vigano felt threatened by hostile maneuvers within the Vatican, so he decided to go directly to Benedict XVI, a pope supposedly considered "concerned" about transparency in finance.

The Italian press believes that these allegations (which were published on Wednesday although dating back over 10 months ago) were that cost Viganó not be promoted to cardinal, as his due.

Translation from the article:"Un arzobispo denuncia al Papa por corrupción en el Vaticano" 27/1/2011

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