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La tarea primordial de la crítica revolucionaria consistiría en disipar la confusión mediante un análisis profundo y claro del régimen capitalista. Miquel Amoros
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martes, 8 de noviembre de 2011

Spanish Elections 20-N, 2011: The “Hidden plan” of Popular Party PP.

No doubt the PP, conservator right party, will win the electoral pantomime. Gradually, the party reveals government plan. Poor we!!!

Program of events:
- Privatization of the public sector, economic engine of the country. Goodbye to universal coverage.
- "Shawshank Redemption Law" implantation. Welcome S XIX!
- Derogation of "Abortion Laws". Baby boom!!!
- Derogation gay marriages. Goodbye dress in white.
- Review of the “Dependency Law”. Goodbye.
- Strengthening of the concerts and foundations companies. Hello speculation and theft.
- Depreciation of cost of dismissal. Hello to the Unemployment National Institute queue (Inem).
- Perpetuation of temporary work. Goodbye to credit.

Hidden plan:
- Reform “Status of Workers”. Goodbye to labor rights.
- Reform of “Sindication Rights”. Goodbye representative of workers in companies.
- Reform of the “Law to Strike”. Hello to slavery!!!
- Reform of the “Law of Public Demonstrations”. Hello to jail.
- Reform of the “Perception of Unemployment Subsides”. Goodbye to the subsidy paid by every worker in tax.

No sight of economical plan. What can we think of a leader who in 2007 proposed the construction of 1.000.0000 houses to get out of the crisis? Just invest in crisis!
First he does not understand what is happening in his environment. Pulse moves and unreasoned. Neoliberal precepts already fallen and not real economic reasons is th economic magic potion to create 3 million of works. It is evident that the market are uneables to regulates itself with offer and demand.
Second he looks after his own interests and his party and advocates for the support of the catholic church as ideological and social goal.

The economic model is based on consumption as engine, so poverty is the enemy of the system. Knew this well after the Second World War, the model of "welfare state" was the aim to follow in the West.
But the good times relaxed discipline and neoliberal thought they could do business at the expense of consumption, speculating. Speculating is artificially raise prices to make money, withdrawing money from other products, for example basic goods. So, when everything is speculative economy is paralyzed.

If you remove money from markets, accumulating with speculation, which is what happened, there is no consumption.
The poor quality of employmeny is only going to stop the credit flow becouse the uncertainty of devolution.
The uncovered social services will mean an impoverishment of family and consequent stagnation of credit.

The crystal ball:
-The production: Although it could be money nobody knows how to invest:
No Primary sector of the sea, fields and mines: everything is cheaper outside.
No Secondary sector of industry: everything is produced in germany, USA or china.
No Services Sector: no company can compete with public services in health and education unless they are dismantled, with the consequent impoverishment. The other activities expected to decrease consumption and no one risk not start businesses.
-Employment: imposible to generate, so simple. The consequences of precarious employment will impact directly on credit.
-Credit: not posible to create as restrictive policies, aside from the capitalization of the same, do it impossible. Remember that the millions of properties held by banks is money wasted if not sold. One can only hope the European direct credit. But used in what?

-Social rights: will be lost after a catholic concept of life based on appearance, charity and religious control of mind, key to the economical. An oppressed society does not think clearly.

We return to the laws of the 80's, with an economy of the 70’s, mindset of 40’s and population of 2010.
Among repressive laws, laws that did not work, permissiveness of speculation and total loss of control make us assure that spain will have a cabinet of the IMF or the ECB in the Moncloa before summer.

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