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jueves, 20 de octubre de 2011

New drug Night Eagle developed by Chinese Army

The Chinese People's Liberation Army has created a drug capable of holding three days without sleep active who take it. It thus joins the long list of countries included in its chemical arsenal such substances. The Night Eagle, was presented on national television and the newspaper Shouth China Morning Post News 16/10/2011:

It was not revealed its composition, studies or method of production. Simply been presented as one of 600 scientific achievements of the of Military Medical Science Academy for its 60th Anniversary.

It is supposed tha in origen its sintetica, not amphetamine drugs. And that works like drugs used to fight agaisnt narcolepsy like modafanil, Provigil in the U.S., now used by the armies of USA, France, UK and India to improve its performance with few side effects. By stimulating the adrenergic system without affecting GABA receptors, neurotransmitter in the reward pathway, produces 200 times less euphorics states (sic).
In the modern development of drugs with psychoactive properties that enhance the performance of the troops we find the development of LSD finally used in the mental control (war on the hippies) and brainwashing during the Cold War. Sodic thiopental, finally used as a truth serum, surgical anesthetic and one of the inductors in the lethal injection. And amphetamines, developed during the Vietnam War producing major syndromes of addiction and side effects.

We keep the expectation of future events. Health.

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