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viernes, 13 de mayo de 2011

On holiday on the island of "Diego Garcia", the largest U.S. militar base abroad.

Among the many atolls that dot the Indian Ocean there is none more pleasant than that of Diego Garcia. Deserted beaches and friendly natives inhabit this paradise on earth, jealous of the angels. It is here and not somewhere else, where I spend the rest of my days.
I recommend this pair of links to meke you decides to come with me.

Diego Garcia is an atoll located in the middle of the Indian ocean annexed by England and hired in1966 to united states for fifty years, until 2016, in exchange for 14 million dollars and a few missiles polaris. Establish in 1971 was a military base, to refill the 2000 soldiers per 2000 inhabitants expelled. For his features is believed to be the most important American base located abroad.
It has an airport and is one of the 33 tracks available for emergency space shuttle. It was used during the wars in Vietnam and Cambodia as a fleet base and platform for bombing. Later bombed Iraq.
It has one of the 5 global monitoring stations of the GPS system and indicates that it is very likely, because of its location, there are emplaced nuclear missiles. There the V fleet is supplied, now located in Bahrain, threatening Iran as it did with Iraq.
Another function is to be a maximum security prison and torture and interrogation center. It is dated 1998 as the year that illegal detention starting, with President Clinton. After President Bush admitted that there were 26,000 inmates located in floating prisons. It is believed to be more than 80000. In 2001 they themselves, and thus justify their existence, obtained information about al-Qaeda plans, its relationship with Afghanistan and Iraq and evidence that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. His distinguished tenants are suspected members of al Qaeda and other movements opposed to the imperial interest. Those who live out there say that their situation was worse than Guantanamo. And jail-ships possessed by empire, crowded, swarm in the port looking for its macabre cargo stowage.
We will never know the horrors that there will suffer. Opacity, impunity, madness and death. Guantanamo, Abu brahim, Diego Garcia are 3 of the more than 800 U.S. military bases worldwide summons. Each base an insult to human beings and all it represents. This is all you can find these wonderful shores of this island paradise.

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