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martes, 10 de mayo de 2011

Disintegration of the European Union or how Germany did emerge and submerg a continent.

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It was interesting to see how Germany and France drew the chariot of the European Union with massive amounts of money to fund the restructuring and infrastructure in Europe. In 1992 we all thought they were fools. Who would invest money in Spain and for what? Why put factories when they were being relocating? What did they produced so bad that they need us to producced it ? At that time in Spain there was a bit of agriculture, some secondary industry and much tourism. We told them "the money is your, do with it what you want". We speak of Germany as example, there is other countries with the same strategy.

Brief history:
In 1955 Spain entered the UN and ended its international isolation. In 86 we entered NATO, which put us in Europe. In 91 falls USSR, overrides the Warsaw Pact and gradually expands the European market. In 92 we became members of the European Economic Union UEE. With such infrastructure, freeways and highways, ports and airports dazzle us. Europe open us their legs. Chapter closed “transition” (la transición 1973-84), and open new one “development” (desarrollo 1989-2001). No more "semos diferentes" (we are differents) but "here we are."
The first alarm of future problems was the struggle for European production quotas. The conceps was to restructure the production to make it competitive. In Spain, field of croops and their areas gradually began to depopulate, with the few farmers who were great landowners and state-dependent. Fishing quotes was transferred to other countries. It was restructured industry, near to close, like mining, the begining of global delocalization. But spain invested in services, built hotels and clubs (turism is main industry in spain, more more tham 50%  annual PIB producted). Europe already had a place of leisure. Nobody cared that the northern countries maintain their factories. Even some people call them stupid becouse they not moved their factories to poorer countries (to increas their bennefits) and accusing them of give it to the protests of their workers. The country was really disorganized, unstructured production, and dependent on the most basic supplies. But the wheel keep on rolling. Anyway we did not fully believe our good luck. Spain grew, grants kept coming.
In 2001 the UEE, already being the European Union EU, wiht own parliament and other trifles, is self-sure that it is mature enough to try the political union. And it was tried through the economy, creating a single currency, “euro”. We got wide-eyed! But that great idea did not prevent a crisis in Europe: "but how?  Everythings its ok!". And we saw the rest of preoblems. So Germany, anticipatory, began to invest abroad, Turkey, Syria, China and other emerging countries. No one can can stop it, standing out as a regional power.
The day that ended European subsidies in Spain houses were built as flowers grows. The brick throwing the economy car and service productive sector employed the most people, as planned.

But the problems came. Underlying fat problems: the economy was inflated and the companies had grown at the expense of the state's investment. (Like in USA) years led to speculation that prices will swell to the point where the accumulated debts were unpayable. Revised house of cards fell just unglued. The loan interest turned to usury. Banks without recourse was assisted by state money. Asphyxiated institutions cut costs and most companies, employees of public works (not like in USA), were not paid. They were on the dole =  masive dismised = endemic poverty.
And then we silly saw the picture: Germany was the second exporting nation in the world, most industrialized and most higher income! Óle to Germany! Kept for himself the share of industry and investing in infrastructure everywhere had build a system able to move more than half of their goods in the European Union, being the most of members of UE unable to generate goods for themselves, and uncapable to compete in quality and prices. Had created a situation of dependency.
In other circumstances a country devalues its currency to boost exports and earn money, but the lock of the commun currency, controlled by who put the money, Germany, would not open. And what products are sold and to whom, if everywhere find others thousand times cheaper? There are no markets that accept these goods.”Will have to reassemble the industry?” And what happend with all the money that states must restore the European Central Bank (ergo to Germany), first coin generator? The capitalism requires that every penny is returned, or else proceed to the seizure of the country. Unstructured and without money. "Short live to submergence countries!”
The final blow came when "rescue funds", more German money, was disposed of. With this Germany finish to take Europe and ended stabling  not militar protectorates over the countries bailed out, unable to return what they should: Greece, Ireland and Portugal were his. In brief Spain. Now, that its European partners could not buy more goods, are supported in countries where previously invested outside the EU. Machiavellian and effective. Logical.

Why the circumstances should allowed, who was benefit. All this is secondary. With this scenario underwent countries can not raise its head in the European Union. But its real impact is and will always be on the impoverished population. It opens the door to Europe again, this time out.

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