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lunes, 20 de junio de 2011

Politics as a risk-sport, the Strauss-kahn complot

Since Machiavello stablished the rules of modern governance nothing has changed in 500 years. A clear example is offered by the case of Strauss-Kahn. Our prince has been defeat by his courtiers and enemies. To citizens has being discredited and rejected by each other after a media campaign and judical acussations. End for now. His name is synonymous of crisis, rescue (such as Portugal-Greece-Ireland PIG) ultraneoliberalism, alteration and loss of welfare state. Ask the Greeks.

Brief biography.
Dominique over as managing Director of the International Monetary Found IMF on November 1st, 2007, replacing Rodrigo Rato, who after a disastrous term of office for the organization, wisley resigned just before the global crisis explode to avoid a major disaster, its asummed.
DSK, as we call him cordially, was born on April 25, 1949 in Neully-sur.Seine, France. Ph-D. in Economics from Paris. University and law degree, Business Administration, Political Science and Stadistics. In 1978 he was assistant proffesor and then chair holder of Economics at the University of Paris. Between 1981 and 1986 he worked as deputy commissioner of the "Commissariat Général du Plan". After Being elected to the French National Assambly in 1986 chaired the Finance Committee from 1988 to 1991. From 1991 to 1993 he was Minister od Industry adn International Trade. Between 1993 and 1997 he worked in the private sector as lawyer in a complany. From June 1997 to November 1999 he was Minister of Economy, Finance and Industry, and participated in the design of the euro. In 2000 and 2001 he teached economics at the Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris. Between 2001 and 2007 was re-elected to the National Assembly, and in 2006 France introduced presidential candidate for the Socialist Party. Also served as personal advisor to the Secretary General of the OECD.

Behind the curriculum.
In 1999, being minister, was dotted with the first scandal, to be indicted in the financing of the National Students' Mutuality of France, Socialist Youth. In this case he had to resign as minister. In 2000 returns to the media upon learning that his secretary was paid by a subsidiary of French oil company ELF, the ELF case. That same year another scandal, was discovered a document imposed by a businessman who connected him with Jacques Chirac in fraudulent procurement of works when he was mayor of Paris. It also frames him in illegal party financing African Union for the Republic RPR. In 2006, French public opinion echoes the visits to the club "é changiste Les Chandelles". In 2007 a journalist, Tristane Banon, reported an attempted rape in an interview. In 2008, the IMF executive Piroska Nagy alleged violation, but the trial is dismissed by the judge understands that there is consent.

Although it has gone not guilty to all charges and scandals we observed several things. Clearly, in view of the financial excesses, he has used their positions to reach heights of power that have allowed to amass a personal fortune. Will did the same at the IMF? Has not been discovered yet, but assumed. We also know that he don't cares about his position, he really cares what is to conduct business, as in the ELF, who preferred resing as minister instead left the company. And the third is that despite all the scandals, enemy attacks, which has been involved since 1999, when the decaying power of the old-guard Chirac and there is a generational change with Shakozy, his reputation remained blameless until 2007, when his sponsors could not help more, and sent him into exile to the IMF.

Former president is accused of committing a violation of a waitress in suite 2086, the Sofitel NY hotel where he was staying. He is accused of rape, unlawful restraint and criminal sexual act. It is assumed that out of the shower pounced on this.

Is it credible charges of attempted rape?

If we respond first to these other conclusion will stand alone.

Is the source credible?

Was it real or is it all a montage of his enemies? At these levels the evidence is very easy to manipulate. He was accused by the waitress, seized by police in the suite and quickly torn apart by the media. What were the statements of the employee? Not one, only broken images on the news. At first you should not doubt the veracity of this accusation, prevails the protection of the victim.

The mass media, that once praised him, don't care if guilty or innocent, they want to sell more newspapers, even if they present false data so that are so easily manipulated. But manipulating the judicial system is more problematic. You need either: a police officer or prosecutor who put false evidence or judge who directs research at your address. Press and state hold information and evidence or create it at will. Who can have as much power to use and bring down an opponent who otherwise disguised as did all other times? As we have seen ELF or RPR were able to purchase the services of a minister, you only need to make a good deal. Therefore the sources are not credible.

Is it believable the crime scene?

The scene raises many questions: Where were the bodyguards of the Highness? Why the waitress came when the room was occupied? Why not told his supervisor of this fact? Is it possible to escape these details? Do you frequently alternate clubs and luxury bridesmaids, was necessary to force an employee? The scenario is more than doubtful, all a trap.

Is it credible the defendant and the ground?

DSK looks very capable of it, given his background, this is the most firm and serious acusation. A major Achilles heel. The police have arrested and will bring the full weight of the law, so evidence has to be very compelling to begin the legal process against one of the most powerful person in the world. The mobile is possible.

Friend or Foe.
The policy is done through a series of favors networks, alliances and enmities, supports and tripping. The more you climb the easier it is falling, tripping over and make you envy you. It is clear for him that cold by an attempt to be destroyed him. Now is the news and know how, when an where. The questions are why now and what enemies.

Could his party colleagues to set a trap? Could the opposition a trap?

Strauss had threatened in 2012 to the Socialist party primaries in France. With his indictment Sharkozy, has met with unexpected Christmas present, now has free rein to appear again appealing to the lack of a candidate with chances to win national elections. It was he who proposed it as a substitute for the IMF while hoping not to meet again. Could he set a trap? Being familiar with the weaknesses of his opponent and after see what he do to his "friend" Gaddafi would consider the possibility. Strauss is also friends, like that of François Hollande, Socialist, and therefore also the primary rival Socialists. Both Sharkozy as Hollande, as the French opposition parties, knew that his political career in France, after all the scandals, was finished. His reputation would have prevented his victory in the primary or general, so no complot needed. The other opposition parties are sure of their victory over the Socialists becouse of the actual crisis, therefore not very willing to risk being discovered in such sabotage.

Could the presidential candidates of the IMF set a trap?

Internationally, since 2007, started talking about the G20 instead G8, it is extended the club to emerging powers. They had long demanded a renewal of global institutions, UN, IMF, WB. Once DSK renounce, each member of BRIC, Brazil-Russia-India-China amounting to 25% of the global economy, has proposed its own candidate, trying to influence the IMF in its favor as did France How long had wielded Strauss the position? Who has such a hurry to make such complot? Any of them. In this case China and Russia are presented as the traditional conspirators.


The risk of fraudulent charges and handling of evidence by the prosecution and defense, knowing the importance of the charge against very high. Neither the evidence provided by the media, police, the defendant or the prosecution are exempt. This is truly regrettable, but business as usual. For this reason, WE WILL NEVER KNOW THE TRUTH, we can only ensure the following:

If Strauss-Kahn is innocent and there was no manipulation,we can not understand how the president of one of the world's most powerful bodies are so vulnerable to these things from happening. That just means it really is not one of the most powerful men, is a puppet with big money from someone with more money. 

If he is innocent and there was manipulation we observe how the puppets, the second row, are used in a game much more bigger tham themselves in which they can't scape. Someone put him out of game and is capable of handling as legal ways as international media.

If he is the rapist with suit that seems to be, with or without manipulation, we have again been deceived. Only now that their suppots decay shines his crimes, which would otherwise remain in shadows, as in France. In USA there is no better police, only he has fewer friends. So far, after so many misdeeds no one has put him in prision.
Whatever happens we will have participated, myself included, in this media circus in which we are mere observers. Someone, in order to chair the IMF, has eliminated his biggest opponent in front of our eyes using the justice system of the world's greatest power. It is a true global manipulation. 

But guilty or innocent this would be just one of many slights he has done to humanity, crimes against humanity that will never be judged. Bourgeois society is able to recognize a rapist miserable, but can not judge the man who sent millions of people to hunger and poverty while exploiting their pockets full of money.

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