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sábado, 29 de septiembre de 2012

Spanish dictatorship does not want witnesses: Police bans the entry of cameras in Madrid demostrations

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First news from Madrid to the world in "Sorround the Congres 29-S" international call.
  As reported "Occupy Sol", police are barring entry to anyone who carries a camera and forbid media to pass in. Several accredited media, like Al Jazera or Progressive Journal, also confirming through their Twitter accounts. Police calls to TV mobile units Neptune abandon the street for "national security". Those who stay, "under his own responsibility." Fascism pure and simple.
  However, journalists do not accept the orders of the police and have stayed in the Neptuno Square, despite the threat of fines. The security forces forced to dismantle the structures and devices installed in the area to cover the new [third] manifestation 'Surround the Congress'. So, whatever happens, the whole world can know how the neofranquista government of PP [Popular Party, mean right one] act, which by all means is trying  to implement the prior censorship to end freedom of information in protests in Madrid.
Those also notice that the police are using frequency inhibitors, to avoid communications with the outside of this demostration, as well as streaming coverage from mobile phones. The protest organizers have called on surrounding neighbors open their wifis to set new escape ways from totalitarian government strategy.
  Furthermore, as reported this morning in, Madrid City Council has banned media installing cranes, scaffolding and other structures to cover the demonstration called for Saturday 29 September.
  The reasons for such straightforward attack on freedom of information and people rights to be informed of what is happening in Madrid is that these structures prevent the movement in one of the parking areas and Neptune are within safety zone of the riot.
Both the 25-S and in the rally the following day, various television and audiovisual producers installed cranes and scaffolding that allowed media, as or transmit live video signal. These facilities had the authorization of the City Council of Madrid, that has been denied today, and thanks to them could be seen as images of the now infamous police charges, arbitrary detention or the action of some police infiltrated in the bursting concentration. Today, it seems that the regime is unwilling to these images, it is likely happen again, give back around the world.
The dictatorship every day uses less subtle methods.
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