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lunes, 12 de marzo de 2012

Spanish Human Rights situation: Police officials recognize unidentified policemen in interrogations

Press Release:
Police have opened a preliminary investigation following the complaint of several lawyers who last February 10 attended nine 15M political activist  detainees after a demonstration against the new LaborRreform in Madrid and to ensure, among other things, that they were interrogated by masked men.
Statements by the Secretary General of the Unified Union of Police SUP:
It is true that by initiative of those who have made it (of the executive ladder, member of the SPP) in two or three times, who have interrogated detainees in social conflicts and suspected them belonged to organized groups related to the basc nationalist, and others "contaminated" with normal practice of terrorism have used a neck warmer to cover her mouth and face to the nose.
This is something as basic as a protocol.

  Police admit the practice of concealment of identity, there is nothing to investigate.
  The police, as usual, takes the law in their own hands, and decide who does and who is not contaminated by who know what means basc nationalist environment or contaminated groups -from Hendaye France to Cadiz, south Spain-. Police applies anti-terrorism law at their own discretion, judge, jury and excutioner. They use it now with impunity of always, just not given much of the political situation. Thanks to the general amnesia, has changed and now it shows more political punitive use and crowd control.
  First goal of repression: Unions. The police report to the Secretary of the Student Union as an instigator in the riots of Valencia. Kidnap kids and interrogated as if it were ETA members.
  Conclusion, the terror induced by repressive means and of crowd control spreads through the population, thanks to social networks, and in a heated enviroment shouting claim against torturers.
  There are no human rights  in Spain.

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