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viernes, 2 de septiembre de 2011

Amend the Spanish Constitution "to calm the markets". Coup.

Yesterday, September 2 The Congress approved the second amendment of the Spanish Constitution.
It takes barely a month after the presidents of France and Germany, representatives of thrir bankers, expressly request this to "calm the markets". What's next? The simple repression. 
People is transformed into populace and not interesting. In the market economy bebore 2007, when the state was interested in having a broad middle class. They generated consuming and needed first a high income of capital and debt, that is, extra contribution of capital to stimulate consumption and maintain social order. With the revision of credit debts in 2007 the Law of Hight Numbers is imposed, and the current interest is to maintain a population that simply consume without excuses, without incentives, the mass is sufficient ingene to economy. The annoying public consultation to modify the constitution was not necessary, decision was take.
The markets rule, govern. But markets are banks, which allow investment and moving of goods. The extent of his power comes to control the oil himself, regarded as the most important natural resource of the planet and whose owners, therefore, are more powerful. Once the resource becomes involved in the stock market at the expense of investors, market forces play with their rules, in other words, rules imposed by banks. Few is what a producer can make or break the market rules neither OPEC or Saudi Arabia.
France and Germany have their own problems becouse they sell their 60% of exports to the rest of Europe and this is where consumption has stagnated. They have been drawn by their vassals and dependents states. Now demand obedience and his will is that Spains must amend the constitution.
The countries with market economy lose their sovereignty if they want to continue to receive supplies.
Coup. When the policy rules for market it does for banks, in which are supporting. These banks belong to someone. They want to confus us with a veil of distance, executives, officers, corporations, relocation abroad, net of investors societies, sheltered's securities or simply technocrats who said thy are not responsables of taking decisions. But we know they lie, all this are excuses. Someone takes the decision, there is no democracy in these institutions. Emilio Botin, Juan Rodriguez Inciarte or Alfredo Sáenz of Santander Bank, Francisco Gonzalez y Angel Cano in BBVA, Rodrigo Rato and Jose Luis Olivas Martinez in Bankia, Isidro Faine Casas and Juan Marin Nin Genova in La Caixa bank are some of the managers and executives who have take the decision. They are the real government of Spain.
As is know "the state is the guarantor of the value of money," faith value, and the money is in banks.
They are finally who strangle the state and manage it as a puppet.

Citizens are accustomed to daily agressions, in our work, on the street by the police, in our pigpen-homes. This aggression against the Constitution shows that there are 169 wet paper printed article, which does not serve to justify their own existence. We laugh consider Spain as a constitutional state. This, at best, is a large concentration camp.
Needless to say nobody in the tarcoteca voted the constitution, no one asked permission. We were born and inserted into a system that hides nothing.
The one who believes in democracy, or is a maintainer of the system because has something to win and it is our enemy or is an incapazde, cope effectively in their environment, unable to recognize the dangers and warning signs, and becomes prey for predators. This maintainers of the system will be their first victim.
Get Organized, fight and be free. Another system is possible. Sorry, is needed.

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