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jueves, 27 de septiembre de 2012

International Call: Occupy in support to Spanish action "Congress surrounding the 29-S"

  Repression at all levels, political, economic and social, throughout the only possibility for change is, as in Arab countries, go out to the streets and stand up.
   Solildarity mechanisms have already been launched, and it is expected that the people of Greece, Italy and Portugal primarily organizing to give a joint response the same day. Solidarity already have been felt by the general strike in the Basque Country and in Greece the day after the call 26-S.

  This is a call to the rest of Europe and even the world: Just occupy. 

  Thank you, comrades, we are not alone in this misery.
  This call is the most approachd we could seid it is a call to Unity.
All this Saturday 29S Congress 2012 "When life is a luxury, Occupy is a right."
It's time to take off our masks and call us by our names. They call us communists, anarchists, squatters, anti system ... as an insult, and we call them fascists, thieves, treacherous, crooks, scoundrels ... also as an insult.
Really they are not insulting. Some of us are proud to be called anarchists, especially those who like us will never be Anarchist of Acrat kind; maybe just ecologislt, feminists, communists ...
We can not call ourselvest socialists because we are ashamed for what has become the name. The first thing we had to do, now that we have access to information, is inform of what the words and names means, why and how touse them.
How have the nerve to call us squatters catching us from our homes, appropriating our houses, and still we having to pay up debts. Millions of emptied homes have become them millionaires, while we the squatters, who protested in the streets, live at home of relatives. And that's why they call us squatters, for plant us in parents house to live off of them, because the houses are still empty and people on the street. 
Anti System
Sorry, we have not crack the system, you have been fascists, thieves, treacherous, crooks, scoundrels ... you have crash your system; and claim to install another one where you may be the owners of division of labor and may decide who works and who does not, who eats and who does not ... to take away our dignity, to make us face and kill each other for a job and a miserable salary. To sell food above its real price and in poor condition, getting sick to consume drugs from your laboratories, playing with our health. We are guinea pigs in your hands. The education you give to our children it is a shame, with a third-world level , deviating from its educational objective, from textbooks to teachers.
Heavy Textbooks, expensive and full of hidden messages to educate them to become little slaves, those people that Mr. President appreciates becouse do not take the streets to demonstrate, and to stay at home licking their wounds, and weeping relatives . And believing him when he says will get us out of the crisis.
What happend. Are we stupids! or have reached a point of resignation we do not see that the Mr. President is slightly retard, besides ugly and nasty, lying shamelessly, his advisers, ministers and other advisors, secretaries, CEOs and generals are fucking living at our expense.
Did not see that politicians, bankers, journalists, pundits parties hired by selling us that we went out to the streets to defend our rights and our dignity call us terrorists?
  Terrorists are those who instill terror, and terror was what we feel in the 25-S Neptune square where  we asked with our clean hands, the resignation of politicians who do not represent us. Meanwhile, law enforcement, wrapped with shields and clubs, [infiltrated police] taunted his fellow uniform to go out and start the carnage, throwing firecrackers and causing a slaughter, that was nothing to what could happen if 65 wounded and 36 arrested can be call nothing .
Terrorists are who terrorize a town that has everything: socialists, communists, ecologist, anarchists, feminists, of course, Democrats. Every day more terrified some and hunger others.
Final claim
The people in fear or not, should go out to the streets, if you can not get in the front row get in the last, but all the streets to show that they are the undemocratic, to show that they are not to rob and beat us up, that we are reclaiming what have offered in an electoral program, and have deceived us ... and that just as we have put them up, we make them go down.
This is the only power that the people have right now, and we have to exercise it.
Everyone to Congress on Saturday, socialists, communists, anarchists, feminists, ecologists, pensioners and other -ists there, outraged, pissed, squatters, migrants, housewives, students in short, people in general everyone to Congress.

Translated from: Todos y todas al congreso este sábado 29-: "Cuando vivir es un lujo ocupar es un derecho."

Pass it!

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