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martes, 25 de octubre de 2011

Greek Communist Party KKE, police state militia in18-O general strike.

The Greek communist party KKE not only performs the function of firefighting, appeasing the citizens' initiative or traitors, negotiating labor and economic settings in favor of employer, not the worker. Now police are also the police state militia.

KKE militants organized advocacy groups and protect the police in  first day of general strike 19-O. "The hooded, anarcho-autonomists, fascist or whatever they are called were commissioned to carry out what failed the forces of repression," "The objective of dispersing the demonstration of PAME failed." 21/10/2011 KKE. Hide behind the defense of protesters against an enemy they don't recognize are ready to protect the police, sheep defending the wolf.

The KKE understand that such actions are orchestrated by the government, which carries inside job to justify their actions. As shown in the statements of its general secrataria, Aleka Papariga, in a pre-election event on 16/10/2011. He referred << the send of explosive devices and packages>>, she noted that <<as the blackmail of realization of early elections does not seem work, we are expected to work the intimidation of destabilization>>. This is neither new nor outlandish. Without going any further, infiltration by police at demonstrations to commit violent acts is common practice. But to say that all these activities are carried out by the state and not by popular initiative and shape the whole policy around this fact is demagogy, pure and simple. A lie and a manipulation. A smokescreen used to mask other facts. The KKE is shown as the protector of PAME and justifies action against those who attack it. Imposes discipline on its members to impose its law to the opponents. A mini-state.

They may want an organized society as they say, guided by the imposition of boss.
They may wish to change the system from within, in parliament, being complicit in the capitalist barbarism, and therefore wish to defend.
They may want to organize the state taking power, for which they need a state and defend it. If so, his Machiavellian coup plan have to be forged. But today the KKE does not have support, militants, internal or external force.
They may want a communist state in which the technocracy replace the kleptocracy, perpetuating the system.
They may even hate violence in the streets and have decided to organize a militia army to bring peace to death.
But it is not logical to act in advocacy, at street level, with the government of the nation, giving up its revolutionary principles, the original program. And is that the KKE has evolved, mutated and did not recognize his children. Whatever the excuse to put the result is that they are defending the system.
KKE, you are the enemy.

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