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miércoles, 29 de junio de 2011

Greek solidarity, 29th june 2011, block the parliament

By 29th June 2011, has arranged a total blockade of Parliament for 8A.M, be there at 7. The aim is to prevent deputies from entering the building to not participate in voting on the new austerity measures and massive privatizations are planned in the second recue imposes by the troika of the EU, the IMF and the ECB.
If you want to increase privatization, reduce the right of access to health care, public services, education ... Is it a rescue or a collapse?
Greece owes money mainly France, Germany, England and in lesser extent to USA. If they are putting 90% of the capital, why give him the money? Yes, we know you guessed it, to charge interest. The problem is that this extortion threat to stand in their frog, if Greece does not return the money, as happened with the previous loans, these countries will lose it, with a promise of return of about 10 years over the sheet but would be more than 20 in reality. Leave a bare state and corrup to the bone, political and economically dependent on international agencies, the famous troika ECB, IMF, EU -with loss of sovereing, protectorate-, only able to manage the police and army to suppress uprisings of his people, and all services in foreign hands, as in Argentina. Besides that investors do not have money for other projects and banks would see risk in the rest of Pigs. Lets see who would put money for public debt. The result is higher interest rates, inflacción, social cuts .. and last stay the breakdown of the euro and the eurozone itself.
Follow them wherever they go. Pursue them whererever they hide.
Who can go goes. Who can help helps.
Reflection, diffusion, action.

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