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lunes, 25 de julio de 2011

Fascist strikes in Oslo, or when the enemy is within.

The appalling attack in Oslo just leaves us speechless.
The right strikes with surgical eye and does what he does best, imposed by force.
We will not expand on who is him or details of how he did it, press and literature will do it.

We want remark the origin, objectives, development, results and possible consequences.

The reason for such hatred that is able to reap the lives of nearly 100 people. As we all know, Norway is a country of barely 5 million people, with one of higher living standards of Europe and the world. Until 1990 it was made up of a culturally homogeneous society, with low rates of immigration and emigration. Since the 90s there was an exponential increase in immigration, and throughout Europe, supplying the country of cheap workers. This in turn leads to a resurgence of nationalist sentiment, so that actually the second political party, Progresist Party, with 22'9% of votes, itselfs declarates as nationalist, liberal and opposite to inmigration party.

Nationalism in Norway comes from a long tradition going back the era of nationalism in XIX century. Highlight the first outbreak during the union with Sweden, produced 1814. Get independence in 1905. Nationalist sentiments, xenophobic and ultra-religious lead to the creation of the Fascist Party "Nasional Samling", National Union in 1933. In 1940 V. Quisling, the founder, began to support the German Nazis, leading to the invasion of the country. In 42 rise to power. In 1945 is judged by traitor and executed. Since then, the fascist background has remain, but in second line, as in other countries, after a layer of national liberal democracy. We emphasize the fascist tradition that neither the idyllic Norwegian pound.

A similar history with ultra-religious component, nationalist and racist in one person terrorist strike is found in 1995 bombing of Oklahoma City in which 168 people were killed and 450 injured. <<In the U.S. attack Timothy McVeigh, 33-year-old ex-Army marksman and a security guard, detonated a truck full of homemade explosives in front of the Murrah building, destroying much of its facade>>.

What was the goal behind the attacks?
<<In the video allegedly edited by the author of the slaughter sets out a series of threats against Muslims and against what he described as "multiculturalist elites of Europe", which had refused to "transfer power" to the "revolution Tory. " So "the carnage that lies ahead" will cause World War II "look like a picnic." Knight Templar and firm as setting a date for ending what he considers to be the "latest addition" written: a couple of hours before he detonated the bomb that destroyed the center of Oslo.>> El Pais 24/07/2011 translate.
The murderer A Breivik gives the answer, the power to the Tory, beat the Muslims.

The analysis, diagnosis and implementation of the plan are not the work of a mad or insane. Is the work of a lifetime of a person engaged in the cause. The plan is set for years: Once you have decided to commit the attack has been prepared, probably since adolescence, collecting knowledge about explosives, training in weapons use, permits and belonging to a shooting club. Subsequently, the selection of the explosive accumulation of fertilizer, because it contains nitrates and phosphates, making the costume and other details.
Preparation of the attack: military planning, furtherance of these objectives, hours, security in the area, making the explosive, costume and weapons, transport etc ...
Day of the attack, transportation and detonation of the bomb at the government complex creating a distraction. Transfer to the second theater of operations, camouflage as police, ammunition for one and a half hours of slaughter.
Execution: perfectly calculated, including the capture mode and statements.

In the first bomb gets 7 dead and 150 wounded and material damage. The city is taken by the army and militarized police.
2 hours later, on the island of Utoya at 40km, there is a carnage, in which there are 94 dead, killed by bullets and drowning in the water. All children and adolescents of Laboriastas Youth, the youth of the ruling party, socialist.
At first the government blamed the bomb on the Islamists, taking pride in that tradition and knowing their xenophobic foreign interference may have motivated the attack.
Once arrested Brevick realize that the culprit is an ultra-nationalist, a fascist.
A striking selection of the second goal in their dual role. Children, disadvantaged individuals but with incredible potential, hence the importance and danger and the need to eliminate them before they spread evil. On the other hand the socialists are in favor of cultural integration, <<the ruin of the country>>. For a nationalist, who supports a fellow foreigners in their claim to domination is worse than abroad, is a traitor, and should be removed first.

POLICE: thanks to the wisdom and expertise, police investigations pointed in first place to a Islamic sleeper cell. Such wisdom, the result of an irrational fear of something different, was rewarded with a dose of reality: the monster can be tall, handsome, blue-eyed Aryan, just as the prince of the story.
The permit, if not collaboration, between government and radical right parties is legendary around the world. Governments know that the extreme right is part of the established social containment mechanism, the reaction to the popular action, always on the side of power entertained with pre-sold. On the other they do the dirty work of the state in actions that compromise.
Do not forget that many members of these fascist groups are part of the police and army.
Although a policial research of individuals from the extreme right, we do not believe that the attack serve to disperse these groups. If not to increase government control over these groups. Will be matter of time before more outbreaks of this type.
The increased police control sooner rather than later will turn against the people, and will focus on immigrants. From this point of view, the murderer will get what is proposed.

POLICY: Since 11-S all is terrorism: the occupation of a country is state terrorism, an attack in a country that you are dealing with is terrorism, a Molotov cocktail is terrorism, is terrorism street graffiti. The war on terrorism is global, and the greatest mean of repression of people. It is able to justify everything and in turn means nothing. It is capable of cutting liberties, empower and justify occupation. No doubt that Norway will increase control over its population in search of terrorists. By the way, the social control will make the government's reforms in the form of welfare cuts are in place effortlessly. The CONTROL of the population will be accompanied by a series of social cuts that ultimately have nothing to do with the terrorist attack. Once more the control of the population will be employed to encourage the differences, so that power will be exercised with fewer limits, the fascism of always. Objective certainly succeeded.

SOCIAL: In the heart of the problem lies an ideological background, but in the nowaday society can no longer speak of ideology. People see the logic that the killer have speak about the Islamic terrorist, but doesn't understand very well what Marxism is. Nationalist and racist ideas coexist without problems in a globalized world. For everyone is logical and normal that immigrants who arrive have fewer rights than people living in the area for longer, they are required to further accreditation and permit work to justify her stay in the country. A society in which some individuals have fewer rights than others is bound to polarize. The POLARIZATION of society tend to worsen with the increasing radicalism of the social gap. No extraordinary measures would be surprising, as the closing of a common European space in the country, restrictions on foreigners, border closures and deportations.
If there is repression will not be the Islamists who will receive the blow, but his own countrymen as possible victims of police state. Yes, fascist, the security forces and Interior Ministry will have the power. Objective met.

Finally, the incoherent idea that immigration, Islamic fundamentalism and Marxism are blame for the situation, privileged compared to most of the world, lived in Norway. This can only come from deep indoctrination and brainwashing.
For a fascist immigration is caused by the inability of countries of origin to be self developed, to be defficient and will take the wealth of the destination countries. The need for the countries of cheap hadn of work with the precariousness of living conditions in countries of origin, usually caused by the geopolitical balance and the struggle for natural resources, are the real causes.
For a fascist Islamic fundamentalism is an attempt to impose a religion and take over a territory. Religious imperialism. What they don't see is the aggression, occupation and exploitation of the countries, usually European, USA and Israel in the Arab world. His wealth, oil, opium or mines is their ruin. Under the claim of the fundamentalist attacks have earned their reputation. But is said as a terrorism not as an acts of war.
For a fascist Marxism is the culprit of progressive ideas, which lead to the break with tradition moral, enabling abortion, homosexuality, immigration and interracial marriage. This is the moral breakdown that has allowed the entry of the Arabs within its borders. The configuration of the family in all its aspects, is therefore the means of production and economic situation, as the access of women to work, including abortion laws and other means of controlling population growth. Acceptance of homosexuality is the result of the loss of social influence of religion becoming less and less credible mystery.

If he wanted to influence the evolution of the country, we fear that all he got was to accelerate the process of social disintegration and social control police. Disintegration is said when a part of society is treated different like Apartheid. We have no choice but to be pessimistic. But apparheid fell once.
We see with concern the resurgence not of the Right in Europe, but fascism and we fear that attacks like this or the Oklahoma city will happend again. Permissiveness and indulgence with right-wing radical groups is the general tone. We hope that the Norwegian society knows how to react in time with this kind of fascist groups and individuals, and do not fall into the trap of resorting to coercive methods, which is what he intended.
With the greatest of sadness that we sympathize with the families of dead and wounded.

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