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domingo, 16 de septiembre de 2012

Pitiusa Case: Spanish Goberment awarded Global Hacker with the direction of National Cybersecurity Center

The Pitiusa Case is the most important case of corruption occurred in Europe. For its size, involvement and affected. It is a cross plot with endless ramifications and crossovers. We focus on Matías Bevilacqua, director of CFLabs, accused and mastermind of the plot. Despite his "necessary collaboration" as getter and distributor of information is still awarding with millions. But either way, goberment has given the "keys of the kingdom": access to critical infrastructure and cybersecurity. Its meaning is clear.
CFLabs wins the National Center of Excellence for CybersecurityThe company of Matías Bevilacqua, 36, computer programmer arrested and charged in the purchase and sale of confidential data plot dismantled by police, is awarded with the National Center of Excellence for Cybersecurity that the European Commission has awarded the Ministry of Interior, the Institute of Forensic Science and Security (ICFS) and several companies associated with it, which include CFLabs. All combined to achieve this goal.
The National Cyber ​​Security Center will be located on the campus of the Autonomous University of Madrid where the ICFS lies and will be inaugurated in September with a grant of 700,000 euros granted by the European Commission.
Laboratory participates CFLabs Cyber ​​Critical Infrastructure Protection
The Matías Bevilacqua company also participates, from the hand of that university institute on a project for the creation of the Laboratory for Critical Infrastructure Protection Cyber ​​aimed at preventing cyber defense and the main facilities of the country. Juan Manuel says that this project "is parked" for lack of funds.
Collaboration with the CNI and the Ministry of Interior
Bevilacqua collaborates also with the National Intelligence Center (CNI), confessed to the police who arrested him in Barcelona. In his police statement justified the finding of 140,000 euros in the company headquarters in Barcelona with orders from the Defense Ministry. The plot's integrated a string of detectives, policemen, police officers, brokers, bank employees and telephone companies selling private data.
What is the National Center of Excellence for Cybersecurity
This is actually the first Spanish espionage center created after the completion of the Critical Infrastructure Program (EPCIP) approved by the European Union following the 11-S, in order to "protect national security and espionage cyberterrorism industrial "growing threats for states and for large companies.
Who is Matias Bebilacqua
Brief biography as a student at the UPC, Politcnics Public University of Barcelona, in this link.
Professor of members of the Judiciary, Army and Spanish police
Matías Bevilacqua has given numerous lectures, conferences and training courses to civil guards, police officers, detectives, prosecutors and judges of the High Court and the Supreme Court.
CFLabs Director: mercenaries network.
Before creating CFLabs the hacker worked in front of the R+D+ I in Cybex, computer forensics company administered by Juan de La Torre, detective for the Intelligence Bureau agency. Has been arrested with some others detectives whom coincided them. According to the summary has been imputed of the analyzed computers of Unilever and Mines of Rio Tinto and Niscayah managers on behalf of the same companies.
Collaboration with the Venezuelan government
CFLabs, the company was among the three hired by the Venezuelan government for the construction of forensic laboratories and technological equipment of the National Telematic Incidents Management Center VenCERT said Anthony Daquin, former security adviser to the General Command of the Venezuelan Army .
  Senior CNI, as he himself admitted during interrogation in the course of Pitiusa Operation.
  Accused of espionage by empty email of the detective Sara Dionisio Garcia, another person with he worked and with which collaborated in the plot.
  Accused of having extorted Telma Ortiz, sister of Princess Letizia, and Jose Lopez del Hierro, husband of the Secretary General of the PP [main spanish rignt party actually ruling the state], María Dolores de Cospedal.

- The Pitiusa Case seems to have reached a dead end. Too far. The manure pit that no one wants to clean. Translation, everybody knows the people involved but no one wants to start a war that will lose.

- As clean slate of facts, those persons involved in the case begin to develop their activities. This man such a filthy rich thanks to cyber insecurity that hiemself produces. With this award the state gets the gun to his head and forefinger on the trigger. Time to time.

- The ramifications of the case involve no less than to Ministries such as Employment and Home Affairs, the CNI [spanish espionage organization like a mix between CIA and FBI] and a myriad of entities, both public and private or purely criminal. Magistrates, military, police and all those who parasite lives bleed the population.

- For the operation of the plot would require the necessary assistance of at least a computer expert, a hacker, here it is. Catch, and far from being in jail is put forward directing and researching on cybersecurity, both the state and business. For them we sense this person has sensitive information. In his strategy has opted to take hold over the power that information gives. He has decides stand controlling the back door of the most important informatic systems in the state.

- Bevilacqua has been a "girl for everything". He has taught all kinds of reactionary and revolutionary, has worked, assembled and run by and for corporations, organized systems, hacked computers, pirated networks and stolen all kind of documentation. He has worked for the state and for their preambles. As a good entrepreneur has diversified. But what has pleased and so is fought for a place among the top management. Be CEO. Their services are beyond parties and politicians, because when these will fall by ballots he will remain at his post.

- As police traffics with drug this man traffics with the data retrieved.

- If the state is protected with this kind of people the capitalist system is closer than we thought to fall.

Congratulations, Mati, if anyone can make an hispaleaks that's you, pity you're a creep fascist.

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    1. Muchas gracias por tu aportación, como venimos diciendo esta red de corrupción y tráfico de influencias parece ser la más grande de Europa, por eso creemos que se intentará tapar por todos los medios.
      Tu denuncia ha sido valiente.


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