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domingo, 15 de abril de 2012

Hunting a King: Spanish Monarchy in spotlight

In the midst of the worst crisis in the last 60 years the Jucan Carlos I de Borbon, King of Spain, takes a few days off, as if it were an common public official to hunt elephants, a protected species, in Bostwana. There he brokes his hip and needed surgical intervention. For more banter the King is President of WWF-Adena, an recognized NGO dedicated to the conservation of nature and lucre of its managers. After surgery doctors said his greatest wish is return to work.

The work of king is know as stressful: galas and banquets in Viena, yachts in Caribbean and embassies in Arabia, hunts in africa. Let's take a brief overview at his career:
-Born in 1938 in Rome, the grandson of Alfonso XIII of Spain expelled by the Second Republic in 1931 (see here an interesting article in spanish). Son of Juan de Borbon, not crowned and accused by his father Alfonso XIII of attempted usurpation of the crown. Due to disagreements between Franco and Juan de Borbon, Juan is skipped in the line of succession in favor of his son Juan Carlos, with the created by the dictator title of Prince of Spain; and emerging issue with the legitimate owner of the succesor tittle, the count of Barcelona, ​​his own father Juan.
- In 1939 Francisco Franco, mainly supported by Hitler, Mussolini and Salazar, wins the Civil War in Spain. He is proclaimed Caudillo and installs a dictatorship [franquismo]. He becomes the new King in functions, no one man has never had such power in Spain. Absolute military control.
- In 1948 Juan Carlos Arrives in Spain for the first time.
- In 1955 his father Juan comes to terms with Franco to give Juan Carlos education in Spain, receiving military training for 10 years in the three corps: Navy, Air, and Infantry.
- In 1956, August 29th Juan Carlos murdered his younger brother Alfonso, 12yo, with a revolver, on Estoril, Portugal. The fact was filed as an accident by authorities, but was denounced years later by his uncle Jaime de Borbón [in 1931 caiming hereditary deafness], after repent and retract his resignation to the crown rights. Requested an investigation was not carried out.
- In 1962 he get double marriege with Sophia in Spain and Greece, catholic and orthodox rites [maybe to exiliate to grece if spanish enterprise was failed].
- In 1969 is appointed as the successor of the Dictator as Head of State.
- In 1975 Franco deaths and Juan Carlos was proclaimed King and held since them the rank of Head of State. The 20th november swears to abide by the principles of the National Movement [fascist proclaim], which does not preclude support democratic reform [la transición]. This day is appointed as Captain General of the three bodies of the armed forces, the highest grade. Two days later crowed king.
- In 1977, in May, his father Juan renounces his dynastic rights. In November his son Felipe is designated as the Prince of Asturias, legitimate Royal Succesor tittle above his senior sisters, based on the "Pragmatic Sanction", law of 1830 in which the male has priority over the sisters.
- In 1981, February 23 [know in Spain as 23-F] disallows the military coup, wich reported him the popularity and aceptation he needed to pertetuate his reing. Witness insist that it was a maneuver to strengthen democracy and the royal household.
- In January 1989 acused of kill and beheaded Alfonso de Borbón y Dampierre, cousin of the King, Duke of Cadiz, who married the granddaughter of Franco in 1972 and therefore possible pretender to the throne. Facts happened in Aspen, USA, where he was skiing. His death raises again the controversy and questions about royal intervention in the events.
- In 2011, unleashed the crisis amid the scandal Urdangarín. His son in law was officialy charged in corruption by exploiting his position and influence to divert millions of euros. The facts splash the crown.

 -The Franco regime and the monarchy.
 As seen, the Franco regime did not affect the oligarchies, real masters of the country, which continued to rule more strongly driven by the Franco regime helped by militars. The demands and restrictions fell on the people. Franco ruled as a monarch. The return of the monarchy was inevitable.

-Juan Carlos and politics.
  The actual royal activity for institutional maintenance has not been politically oriented, it means that it is based on the survival and maintenance, above the political regime. During Franco's dictatorship Juan Carlos conformed to its conditions. When the social pressure became unbearable dictatorship and Juan Carlos adapted to democracy in the transiction "La transición". Since them he performed as ambassador and trader. This activity was driven by politicians and businessmen, soldiers and priests. The oligarchy.
   The activity of Juan Carlos as occupant of the throne has been to control and punish the other family members possible rivals to the throne. Brother, cousin, father. The crown requires sacrifices.

-Democracy and monarchy.
   The king and the crown is angrily defended as a symbol of the rulers and their values. As Rubicon is the emblem of the oligarchy, repression and force that this policial and military state can have. No one can critic the crown unther the worst punish, prision and torture. Oligarchy imposes a king "because they can".
   The king is representative of the values ​​of the oligarchy, and its double standards.
   On the one hand, facing the gallery with great fanfare: family, church, state, military, home, luxury, wealth and prosperity. Oligarchy imposes a king "because they want".
   But on the other hand, under a poorly hidden secret: murder, hatred, betrayal, envy, frustration, deception, opulence, waste, depressions and corruption.

Overthrow King
To overthrow the king would be necessary a social change, rejection of past values ​​and acquiring new ones, and overcome the constraints of the oligarchy, essentially military and repressive. Require a social revolution which, in the light is still far away.
But overthrow the king would not end the oligarchy. The fascist forces can be organized perfectly in republic as demonstrated in the I and II or dictatorships as with Franco.

Juan Carlos seems will die in bed, as his predecessor. Felipe was easy to get the throne, but hard to keep. Paved the way for his father, he will need a punch line style 23-F to quell doubts. We dig doubt that something must have thought.
Attacking the king is attacking the oligarchy, and will be no permit.

No god, no master! Check Mate now!

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