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miércoles, 11 de abril de 2012

State murder in Spain, Ertzaintza Killers!

"Inigo Cabazas 28 year old deaths due to the impact of a rubber ball thrown by the Ertzaintza - autonomic police of Basc Country-, in the incidents  against football fans in Bilbao after the match Atletic vs Schalke."
Masked police, state terrorist
On April 9th 2012 police kills a person in bilbao in football riot. First, police said they didn't know how it happened. When probes were too evident police said there was a situational accident, as a comedy.
At last police have achieved their goal. They already have another dead to count. This time with the excuse of football.
Psychopaths crawl, masked, unpunished.
The state not only committed crimes but justifies them as accidents.
Waht's next? Will say was the victim who shot himself?
If they can kill for football what would they do to defend their masters.
This is a message for all the street movements. Tension in country encreased by moments. Greek gosth spreads.
From tarcoteca full solidarity with family and friends.

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