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sábado, 3 de marzo de 2012

Spanish Catholic Church, living in heaven (tax heaven)

No more to add. The catholic church does not want to pay tax. After a civil war that helped them to maintain their privileges for more than 50 years is just as willing to do whatever it takes in order to maintain their current status quo.
Kings, priests, chieves... Who said law is equal for all?

Spanish Catholic Church is unwilling to cede an inch in their privileges, as is to continue to exempt from paying the Property Tax (IBI). So, will not suffer the cuts that Mariano Rajoy government is rushing, and so that it should change the law.
Laic Europe, has been reporting for years, tax liens, among many others (symbolic, economic, legal, political ...), of which enjoys the Catholic Church CC, to receive preferential treatment granted by the State, therefore one hand, the Agreements With the Holy See of 1979, but also for treatment of political favor, which goes far beyond violating basic constitutional principles.

The CC in Spain, owns, through its more than 40,000 institutions (... dioceses, parishes, religious orders and congregations, associations, foundations, etc.). A huge patrimony, consisting of rural and urban legacy (used for worship or for many other necessities), including an untold number of homes rented to third parties. All this heritage, in all areas, is exempt from property tax (IBI) and others, such as works, societies, etc.

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