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sábado, 2 de julio de 2011

Strauss-Kahn case, the accused is free without bail, an afternoon at circus.

As we were predicting the DSK case will finish with his absolution, criminalization of the victim and sold of newspapers. Manipulation and international interests mixed with french selections and succession in directoe management for IMF. Good story.

Strauss-Kanha has been under house arrest since May 14 were accused of rape. Comfortably settled in a mansion of $ 20,000 a month in the neighborhood of Tribeca, has taken a well deserved vacation.
On July 1 Dominique goes free without bail, the judge restored the million $ bail and the other 5 million $ in depot, remove the electronic shackle and lift the prohibition to leave New York, but not the country. Supreme Courtof New York Judge Michael Obus does not think that in this case exist rape. Neither scenario, neither the situation nor the motive were credible, the time gives us the reason.
According to víctim lawyer, Kenneth Thompson, "First he grabbed one breast," then "caused her bruises in the vagina to catch it with force," "tore a ligament in the back", then threw on the floor , and "broke the means." When the maid, "who was on his knees, finally got to his feet, began to spit semen on the ground and across the room". This version is supported by the evidence and forensics.

The mass media, so sure of guilt before DSK, claim that the victim is the executioner. The waitress is a Guinean of 32 years, but with protected identity is recognized as Nafissatou Diallo by the French media, a single mother ¿? Right after the alleged violation she had a telephone conversation with a prison inmate for possession of 180kg of marijuana. This person had transferred $ 100,000 to her bank account over several years. The issue is that she had lied before to the French authorities to get the visa USA. In this case she said she had been raped by soldiers and genitally mutilated.

Strauss-Khann is on holiday in USA, he can now enjoy his retirement and his 4 million $ mansion in Washington. Has been released thanks to the tide of lawyers, contacts and money, and he will never enter into jail as a criminal, we can give this farce of case closed. So justice works, based on dollars.

Throughout the process the dumbing media have coaxed court evidence, jumped the summary secret ordered by judge, purchased information to the police. And what else they could have invented. Legality and honesty in the service of truth and information. Anything to sell more. The waitress has a secondary role in the story created. Nobody cares about rape, cruelty, or what comes into the room. They have created the verdict of guilt or innocence as the wind blew. Nothing we can believe them, not even the data from the news that we are discussing right now, so we confess participants in this circus.

The great benefit is Cristina Legarda. The current finance minister of France and colleague Dominique on July 5 will be sworn in as the IMF managing director until 2016. He was minister of foreign trade in 2004 under President Chiraq as part of the old guard like himself. This great rival in France DSK now has his moment of glory.

Sarkozy also celebrate and breathe easy knowing that DSK not arrive in time for election.

France has managed to maintain control over the IMF (if anyone can control due to the amount of vested interests). And so French companies maintain control over the processes of finalcial rescue, refinancing countries, insider trading and financing entity. How they did not concern the case in question, but the underlying power struggle. It must be mentioned. Members of the BRIC (Brazil Russia India China) still grind their teeth with rage. France, even in crisis, need to keep the iron yoke around the neck of the institution, so it will be difficult for these countries to make changes that benefit them. Thanks to the control of the institution obtains information from inside to buy public companies for sale, as in Greece or Argentina. As one of the greatest moneylender to Greece it is vital to maintain control of the institution to recover the money invested in that country pit-without-end.

That there has been manipulation, false evidence and false testimony is clear. Theres is soo much manipulation that it is impossible to know what is true or not. Takes force the hypothesis that it was the employee who raised the false accusation for his own benefit. But the actions of police and judicial bodies showns that hands had exploited the situation, if not: the case would have covered from the hotel, the process of view would have accelerated to avoid cease in office, he was not treated as open a common criminal, pictures of him in handcuffs would be hidden and guarded by police as has happened in other cases and would have had freedom without bail sooner.

We are tired of seeing this kind of manipulation and denounce all we can. After 2 study items we get an idea of how the case and take it for closed.

We reiterate that the crimes against humanity of this bastard will never be judged. Poverty, hunger, disease. Another bug to die in bed.

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